Hi everybody, Peace and Love!

I guess I've been 'waking up' to all of this since Jan 2012, But I had my first out of body experience following reading Derek Acorah's book on opening the third eye approx 5 years ago. (Maybe talk about that later). Have recently watched alot of helpful videos by Rich2150x on youtube and consequently got out of body again, rose up about 10ft, got scared by the sensation in my belly of being high up, and snapped back to body.

What has been interesting though, is that recently I have been able to recall my dreams with incredible clarity, and a genuine feeling of reality, (They say that life is a dream, and dreams are reality, and that the dream is in fact an obe, we all do it every night without realising it). Anyway, the dream I had that was so vividly real, was of sitting around a camp fire, next to a castle like building at night time, sat around a camp fire, and I specifically asked "How do I access the Akashic records", (For those not in the know..the Akashic records are every past, present and future life, with every thought and action recorded in it - as far as I understand..I'm still pretty new to all this!) To which the reply was "With light and vibration".

Amazing, I have never read or heard of this anywhere. So my question is, Does anybody have any further information of the Akashic records, Where to find them, How to access them etc.?