Hello everyone, I am new to Astral Projecting. I guess what is said is that I'm barely awakening, but honestly I'm glad that at least I am a 16 year old american who has many months to years to develop this unused ability and learn much more about myself and everything else. I am still trying to dream-recall, I try to relax my body as often as possible in order to prepare myself for when I am ready to Astral Project, yet I know that I unconciously drift to sleep on some of these occasions. I long to escape this physical body; which is just so constricting. I yearn to learn more; I want to find out these secrets that I feel I should have known about all along; I want to conquer fears. I will remain patient until my first concious O.B.E. occurs, I'll be writing my dreams (lucid or otherwise,) and their dates.

Peace to all of my truth seeking brethren.

~Rhed Ex