She look straight at me forward. passing me to my right. Made of stars was this figure. No stand for her harp

Pegasus jpg

An actively flying Pegisus goes right by me to my left as if heading somewhere!

A night of Traveling! i Meditated this one peticular night with the express intent of finding my Spirit Guide and knowing whom they were.===

Well, meditation was fanastic this night! I maintained my conscious awareness and behold stars were all around me. I was in the center of all of the stars and as I moved forward, the stars below me , above me and all around me moved behind me, As i moved, so came into view beings made of light that moved passed me, at a distance they were just flickers of stars but as they were closer and moving passed me they became groups creating shapes of people and animals.

Pegasus, flapped his large winds and was galloping as he passed me to my left. then a goddess with a U shaped harp passed me to my right and a voice came into my mind of great strength and knowledge and ask me to explain why of my caliber I am in this relm. as best I can recall, how are ye here of so little knowledge? (In so many words, not exact, this was years ago.) I was feeling quiet small and so bad in comparison to the perfection of her voice. I claimed to be looking for my spirit guide and whom he she is. The words were clear. Your spirit guide is Harmon.

Years went by. Harmon is the root word for harmony. I presume that should be my focus and in my astral travels of just being in simple fun, I make a note of it here today to request my spirit guides to discuss this particular outing. More on this later! I presume out of little knowledge i was and may lack enough harmony in my life. So, With that I take each tidbit and work through it as openly as I can without an ego. Which can be extrememly difficult for me.