The causal plane is above the astral plane and contains what is known as the time track.The time track is another way of saying that this the region where the energy fields reside that represent our past and future experiences in the lower worlds.Whenever we consciously recall a past experience,we are accessing the energy field of that experience.We call it a memory.Some experiences generate stronger energy fields than others,which is why we remember some things better than others.All energy fields of the past experiences we can no longer consciously recall still exist on the casual plane;collectively we call them the subconscious.Instinct is another word used for past experiences,skills,or behaviors that we can access without conscious recall.Our future experiences also reside on the causal plane;hence the name time track.However these future experiences are only possibillites,not certanies.They are energy fields that would be experienced if our state of consciouness remained the same in the future as it is today,or if our development continued in the exact same manner as it did in the past.If we change our state of consciouness or the direction of our unfoldment,our future experiences change also.Thats why it can be misleading to "read the future,"i.e., access the potential future energy fields by clairvoyance or any other method.Our future will change whenever we,the creator of the energy fields in our lives,change.If we rely on a reading of the future that is based on our current state of consciouness,we might find the reading confirmed if we haven`t changed much by the time the predicted events take place.If we have changed significantly,we may be disappointed and regard the reader as a charlatan,simply because he or she predicted a future that no longer applies to us.

When we incarnate into a new body,our past life recall for the most part is wiped out so that we can start with a somewhat fresh slate.Since the energy fields of all our past experiences still exist,though,we often find ourselves under the influence of forces we can`t explain in terms of our current life.