Travelling in the astral plane comes with benefits which include:

  • Reduced fear of death - You may have first-hand proof of life after death of the physical unit.
  • Entertainent/Recreation - Having a boring bus journey? Trying to astral project will certainly pass the time.
  • Increased sensitivity - Getting used to the feel of the astral senses will improve the ability to use these senses in the physical realm.
  • Provision of information - If you seek the truth it may be revealed, whether it be past, present or future. It is however, never acceptable to invade personal space or acquire Personal information.
  • Better sleep - Conscious projection of the astral body will draw in more energy.
  • Accelerated healing - More energy efficient etheric energy may be utilised for physical and mental healing.
  • Increased intuition - Subliminal connections to the mind are stronger and can be easier to recognise.