Your POWER is Endless!

Welcome to the real world Skeptics and Astral Traveler's!

Those that aren't skeptics, dont stop reading just yet, you may know a hard headed person out there that may enjoy reading this.

To persons that have never been out of body. I want to say:" You can do it. IT IS REAL!!!" There is far more that can be done in your life by just changing a frequency within yourself. All that does is moves your astral body on to other areas while your 3D self is just resting in a chair or in bed.

How can that be? Simple explaination that I can give you that will totally make since is this: Radio waves heat food and radios can be tuned, to hear different stations/music right?

I must share with you a few facts about"ME" the author...of whom you are reading information from within this blog.

I never died and came back to life. I personally have not seen ghosts. At least I am hoping what I have seen were not ghost. lol I am a realist and a scientistic personality. So, understand I am not here to cram anything but am asking each of my readers to take a chance and work with me to find your personal power.

As a child, I was tough kiddo, sometime funny an dhad a lot of friends but apart of me always felt alittle uncomfortable with the people I knew. I felt as if I was trying to fit in. They saw me as funny, thoughtful, artistic, sporty, all arounf fun kid and adult too.

On a diffent note, I knoticed I was too considerate of others. I have always been a loving person, to some that is considered weak. I am not a push over and am a very tough one if pushed to a basic dimensiional life moment. But as a spiritual...well as a person with a big heart, I searched deeper for where I felt I truly belonged. By 9 years old, I got myself and little brother to a bus Sundays to try going to church. As i remember it I really got little out of it! I felt that the little coloring doodle task and one verse and bunches of songs was not getting me there. Something was missing from my teachings. It was my best try at a young age.

I still tried becasue the over all chruch population was kinder than the rest of the population. So, I enjoyed the positive thoughts I got from it.

I had a feeling of being different than the average neighborhood kid. I could fit in if I wanted to, just always had a seemly; larger, than life heart for animals and people. My empathetic nature most times was not appreciated. I found my interest included artistic and spiritual curiousities. If it was weird, I had to know more. If I could have everything I wished for, I wanted it. As a child, I had huge dreams and goals for this life mostly spiritual, some were monetary.

As an adult I followed art, travel and writing but also, had to make ends meet through the field of flight medicine. Over the course of my life I found that certain people were always drawn to me. Well, here you are so, let me start with a few facts that we all have heard; not necessarily verified, but we have heard many times over.

Ok, now that you know about me, let's get some more brain training in there.

They say we use very little percentages of our brain. We can probably agree we have all heard that. Ok, studies show some of it is dormant until we sleep. Even more studies on different frequencies of sound activate parts of our brain while we are awake and even parts can be activated in sleep. So, they are usable parts, not really dormant. Make yourself remember that each day and make a conscious decision to use parts of your brain by just meer thought on a given area of it and see how your thoughts gravitate your focus to specific places in your head. Since the average human being cant sit in a test lab, we can attest only by using thoughts and /or audio sound reverb to test this.

I have played CDs, some worked and some didnt. I will say in as basic terms as I can, they do work when you get the correct ones. So, how do I know?

a quiet time location and the correct state of mind. Relaxing! I can focus on it or I can play astral projection Cd I got from AMAZON and just listening and being uniterupted and complete focus. I feel my brain actually tingling or like tensing and releasing of muscles. These are very soft movements, but with your focus it does make activity that can be felt after meditation if in full swing.

My first encounter with Astral Projection was when I felt sick and was home from school about 2ndr 3rd grade...I felt that while lying in bed I was floating nearer to the ceiling.

I also had many times where I felt as if I had fallen and I jerked myself awake. My bed still shaking as I lay there eyes wide open.

I also, had sleep paraylsis by the time I was 16 and was horrified that I could not move at will but my mind was totally aware of my bedroom and unable to utter anything from my lips or even move a finger. Note that chemical is a real part of sleep, sometimes I would awaken and try to leave the bed falling to the floor because the chemical that causes this paralysis had not totally left me before attempting leaving my bed. i am glad we have this chemical or we would all sleep walk.

For the active traveler trying to reach out to our mates that do not understand, remember it is tough to accept something that no one has ever really told them before with such intensity. We all have a great power to do it. Without focus or extreme cercumstances some people never do it. Not that they cant. They just wont. Well, if you are reading this because someone really loves you and wants you to try it. Then it was meant to be shared with you and you should try it. Why not. If you could lay quietly without sleeping and just keep your mind alert and senses in total awareness and try to keep your mind clear of all thoughts but to fly or float may find yourself actually tingling or feel a wave of energy that you can move with thought up and down from head to toe! Once you feel the waves your frequency is changing and mentally you can make it faster and your mental thoughts can leave floating up and out to where ever you want.

How does it feel out of your body? Well everything you can possible think is instantanious. If you are seeing around you it is 360 vision. As far as your material body, it is fine, but as soon as you think of it you are back in it opening your eyes. Know this, You physical body is home safe and your mental body is never going to detatch until you die. So, do not worry about anything stealing it from you. I noticed after being astral one time, I was aware of what my man was eating down stair as a snack. He had eaten it and cleaned up and I went straight in the kitchen and got the same exact thing 30 minutes later. I think it spooked him, that i knew what he had and craved it after my meditation. He also, walked in during meditation and commented..."that figures she fell asleep." He then closed the door back and went to eat downstairs and watch a movie. Well, I told him what he said and then got that, he never did that ever again. I foind it rather amusing that my awareness was in both locations.

As far as where, how can one totally be sure where you are going? I have been many places and seen beings made of stars...another blog for that.

I will also write about the fasted book to read and how fast I astral proected while reading my first book on the subject.

This I promise: I will give you science, physics, books I have read, stories of those I once knew that shared with me, and examples that may make you watch your powerful thoughts. Be positive or as you catch yourself being negative, stop "CLEAR" the thought with the word "CLEAR" and force something nice to be in your head. Positive begets positive. (got that from a book called Dianetics. L. Ron Hubbard A very hard to read book. But that was the jist of the book: controlling your thoughts.

So, you have never done this, and it still sounds far fetched, look over alot of different worldly religions Hindu, Budist, even our beloved Jesus was at the river and seen some where else. Meditaion is part of religion. But can be scientifically proven that, the soul does exist and litterally has a weight value. also, different specialty cameras see are an amazing soul with amazing thoughts. Let me work with you. Let's share these things together.

We can start with your energetic body, the one we see on special cameras and talk about them on the subject of auras. YOU are full of electromagnetic energy, do not think you are six feet under when you die. There is a reason you are reading this. Soemone is here for you. I am and the reason that you read this blog is important too.

Your thoughts and memories are yours and yours alone. Lets build them on a sound positve structure you can move on to the next level of your life when this one ends without fears and make alot of great friends for this side and the next that are worth your time. Even travel with us. Yes, we can do this together. Be stronger together.

Again, I want to say, You can do it!!!. I believe if it is in good intention and no harm to others you have unlimited potential. With consistant honest efforts on your part, you can test this and actually do the simple act of astral projection too! just the simple act of calm quiet meditation. You gain so much more from a day of stress right? Eventually mediation with give you the gift of mind traveling...astral travel...astral projection. Life will be full and more complete and you will want to do it again and again. You will find a clearer awareness of yourself and your life.

To all my fellow souls, love and light and see you soon!