Hi everyone. I'm someone who has discovered this new side of life. Sorry if my English isn't perfect, I'll try to explain my self as well as possible.

A week ago, I have discovered the astral projection. I got to know about it thanks to the "lucid dreaming" techniques, which I've been looking forwards as well.

I have never tried things like this before, and to be honest, I was pretty skeptical at the begining (I have never questioned my self anything like this before). But, once I've read a couple of authors, and a million of threads of people like me, or like you, posting their experience I started to think " this might actually be something to consider", I then thought about every culture that dedicate their beings to this kind of beliefs, and an entire culture cannot be ignored.

Well, The first night after I discovered the astral projection I tried to follow the falling method. Which consists on simply relaxing, (it took me an hour to completely relax, since I have never meditated before, or anything like that). Once I was fully relaxed ( I focused all my attention in the back of my head), I remember I couldn't feel neither my arms, hands legs...etc. I could only breath, and my head mostly. I started to get a falling sensation. I first started by making my feet fall, then the hands...but eventually what helped me the most, was just imaging me falling. Not with words by saying" I'm falling ", but actually feeling it. What happened here was incredible for me; I suddenly felt as if I was falling. I was falling, and eventually spinning, very very fast.

I started to feel my body vibrate, my arms,legs, my entire body, felt in a very strange way I've never felt before. Everything was different. At some point my chest felt as if there was a big pressure, or presence, in it. I lost concentration after that. I have to admit, a little of fear came to mind, and some questions came as well. That ended the experience. I could notice, right at the end of the fall, that my body was very tense, my breathing was very very fast, and intense. And that my chest/back wasn't really laying down, it was pointing at the ceiling.

As I was fully relaxed, I then tried to get that fear out, and try it again. But again, I lost concentrations when I noticed how my body was reacting (same as last try). After that, I thought about giving it a last try, and imagine my self levitating out of bed. And I could feel it as well. One thing that happens, is that right when I start to feel the fall down, or the lifting up, my chest gets a lot of pressure, and it feels very excited. As if you were about to get into a roller coaster when you were a kid.

I've got a couple of questions: - I'm I doing well/ on the good path??

                                        - The body tensing up, is a good sign?? or maybe I should try to keep my body relaxed?

Even though, I haven't managed to to the trip, eventually I felt so good the next morning, and the next days. I have discovered something I always had in me, and it just makes me happy. All the little things that matter to me before, aren't just that important. I haven't got mad, neither irritated, or frustrated, after that night, and the next ones.

So all I can do is to thank everyone that has shared their experiences to others. Thank you everyone.

Have a nice life!